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New Dimension Racing

New Dimension Racing (NDR) are a group that run racing events in online racing simulators. NDR formed in December 2007 when three members of Live for Speed (LFS) came together to organise a league for newcomers to the sim. Hosting our first race on 2 February 2008, we have grown to be one of the most efficient, just, and experienced administrative teams in Live for Speed. It is NDR's goal to provide a clean, fair, and competitive racing environment for participants over many event types.

Due to an unfortunate downturn in participation in Live for Speed, New Dimension Racing have temporarily suspended full operations in LFS until further notice. One-off events will still be run as deemed necessary. NDR hopes to branch out to other racing simulators sometime in 2018.

Series titles in Bold Italics are active. Series titles in Italics are inactive.

Kyoto 250: Entry List | Server Info | Rules Book

Kyoto 500: Entry List | Rules Book

LFSCART Series: Entry List | Rules Book

LFSCART Light Series: Entry List | Rules Book